Theme Layout

  • Site Logo: Upload your logo image.


  • Site Logo(Retina): Retina logo should be two time bigger than the custom logo. Retina Logo is optional, use this setting if you want to strictly support retina devices.
  • Logo Image For Sticky Menu: Upload your logo image for sticky menu.
  • Theme Layout: Select Theme Layout is:
    • Full-width
    • Inbox
    • Wide
  • Body Schema: Select Body Schema is:
    • Dark
    • White
  • Main Navigation Width: NOTE: This option is only available when user choose Theme Layout is Full-width or Wide
    • Full-width
    • Inbox
  • Max Width: Select theme’s max width. NOTE: Max Width is applied for Full-width Layout only. For examples: 75%, 95%, 100%, 1920px, 1600px, 90vw, 70vw, etc. If it’s blank, default = 100% – Only customize for PC.
  • Top Header Background Schema: Select Top Header Background Schema including Dark and Light.
  • Header Background: Set header background.
  • Main Navigation Layout: Select Navigation Layout including Separated and Inline

TO-main-nagivation- separated




  • Main Navigation Schema: Select background schema for Main Navigation
    • Dark
    • Light
  • Mega menu: Enable Mega Menu.
  • Search Box on Header: Enable search box on header. Custom Search Box can be set in Appearance > Sidebar > Search Box Sidebar.


  • Sticky Menu: Enable Sticky Menu
  • Select Sticky Menu Behavior: Choose sticky menu behavior
    • Only appears when page is Scrolled Up
    • Always Sticky
  • Sidebar: Select sidebar appearance is
    • Right
    • Left
    • Hidden
    • Right & Left
  • Background: Set theme background. NOTE: This option is only available when user choose Theme Layout is Inbox.