List Style Menu

List Style is the traditional drop-down menu style.


We call Parent Level Menu Level 0. Then, next levels are Level 1, Level 2..

Please follow these steps to create List Style Menu:

  •  Step 1: Click on a Menu Level 0 (Parent Level Menu ) item and select List Style in Menu Style selectbox (this selectbox is only displayed for Menu Level 0)
  •  Step 2: Add Menu Level 0, Level 1… normally by using drag & drop


  •  Step 3: You can configure Display Logic option to control the appearance of this menu item. Please note that Display Logic only works for Primary Menu
    • Always visible – Always display menu for Guests and Admin Users. It is visible
    • Only Visible to Guests – Menu is only displayed for Guests when they visit your website, but not display for Admin Users
    • Only Visible to Members – Menu is only displayed for User Members, but not display for Guests
  •  Step 4: Click “Save