Video Channels

Once installed  Cactus Video plugin (Channels Settings) , theme will have the ability to create Videos Channel and playlist for an administrator. Registered Users can subscribe favorite channels to follow the latest videos in specific categories. A channel can contain multiple videos and playlists. A playlist, in turn, can contain multiple videos. Below is a screenshot of a Video Channel and some steps to create and use it:


1. To create a new channel:

  • From main admin navigation, go to Video Channels > Add New ChannelAddNewChannel
  • Enter title and description for this channel
  • Choose sidebar position for this channel

2. To add a Video to a Channel:

Edit a Video post and assign a channel to it.VideoChannel-inPost

3. To add a Playlist to a Channel:

Similarly, go to Video Playlist > Add New Playlist to create a new Playlist, then assign a channel for the playlist.VideoPlaylist-inPost

3. To add a Channel to a Menu:

  • Go to Appearance > Menus choose your menu
  • Assign Channel in the left column to Menu. NOTE: If Channel is not displayed in the left box, go to Screen Options > Channel to activate this featureAddChanneltoMenu