The general configuration for website.

  • SEO-Echo Meta Tags:  By default, The Blog generates its own SEO meta tags (for example: Facebook Meta Tags). If you are using another SEO plugin like YOAST or a Facebook plugin, you can turn off this option.
  • Breadcrumbs: Enable Breadcrumbs (Pathway).
  • Turn on/off Link on Date Time: Turn on/off link on Date Time info of each item in an archive page (blog, categories, tags or author)
  • Scroll Effect: Enable Page Scrolling Effect.
  • Go To Top Button: Enable Go To Top Button.
  • Custom CSS: Enter custom CSS here. For example:.class{ font-size: 13px; }
  • RTL Mode: Enable RTL support.RTLMode
  • LazyLoad Images: Turn on/off lazy load images.
  • Copyright Text: Enter copyright text.