Video Actors

This feature requires Cactus Video plugin (Video Actor settings) to work

1. Single Actor

  • To add a new actor
    • From main admin navigation, go to Video Actor > Add New Actorsingleactor1
    • Enter title and description for the actorplaylist2
    • Enter the Actor Infomationsingleactor4
  • To add a Video to a Actor: 
    • Edit a post and add a Actor to that videosingleactor3
  • To add a Single Actor to Menu
    • From main admin navigation, go to Appearance > Menus
    • Select a Actor and Add to Menusingleactor5
  • Here is the single actor page

singleactor2. Actor Listing Page

  • Go to Pages > Add New > choose Template is Actor Listing PageActorListing
  • The actor listing page will display a list off all actors as below: