How to create your Google API key

To get your API Key for Youtube Data API you need to be logged into your Google account  access the Google console. You will be taken to your projects page.  If you don’t have any existing projects, create a new project.


Once you click Create project button, a modal window will open asking for your project details:


After creating project, you will have your project as this image


Click open your project > Navigate to Library tab > Choose Youtube Data API


Click Enable button to enable



When Youtube Data API v3 is enabled >  Go to Credentials button in the top right side:


In Credentials tab, you can configure as this image:


All are done, click What credentials do I needs button to get your API key


NOTEPlease note that the Key Restriction is required to set to None, however, since it is pre-selected as None by default, you don’t need to configure Key Restriction, when creating the Youtube API key. In case, you chose another value for Key Restriction, please correct it.

VideoPro-API Key-KeyRestriction