These settings apply for blog (posts page) and archives page (categories, tags, author)

  • Blog Heading: Show/Hide Blog heading
  • Sidebar: Select sidebar appearance is
    • Left & Right
    • Left
    • Right
    • Hidden
  • Default Layout: Select default layout for archives page.


One Column, Big Thumbnail


One Column, Small ThumbnailTO-ar-mul-th-1024x554

Multiple Columns

  • Layout Switcher Toolbar: Show/hide “Layout Switcher Toolbar”.
  • Posts Order Select Box: Show/hide “Posts Order Select Box”.
  • Item’s Excerpt: Show/hide post excerpt.
  • Item’s author: Show/hide post author.
  • Item’s published date: Show/hide post published date.
  • Item’s view count: Show/hide post view count.
  • Item’s comment count: Show/hide post comment count
  • Pagination: Choose type of navigation for blog and any listing page is
    • Ajax
    • Default
    • WP Page Navi

For WP PageNavi, you will need to install WP PageNavi plugin