Cactus – Advance Search Form (ASF) plugin

Advance Search Form (ASF) plugin is an upgrade of the WordPress’s simple search widget. This plugin enables Advanced Search Form (ASF) function with these following features:

  • Search all posts and custom post types
  • Search in specific categories only
  • “Filter search results by categories and tags” ability for visitors
  • “Order search results” ability for visitor
  • Highlight results
  • Search suggestion/Ajax search
  • Insert Search form anywhere using shortcode
  • Fully configurable


Go to ASF Settings page to configure general settings for this pluginASF2

  • Post Type to search: Choose what kind of post types to search. If unchecked all, Search will perform on all post types. NOTE: This option is overridden in Theme Options > Search settings > Search Video Posts only actually.
    • Post
    • Actor
    • Video Series
    • Reports
    • Channel
    • Playlist
    • Contact Forms
    • Grid Builder
    • Videos
    • Posts
    • Option Tree
  • Search in categories: Check the categories you allow to search in, or leave unchecked all if you allow to search in all categories


  • Label Text: The label that will go before the search textbox (NOTE: only apply to [advance-search] shortcode). Leave empty if you don’t want to use label
  • Button Text: Text on the search button (NOTEonly apply to [advance-search] shortcode). Leave empty if you don’t want to display search button
  • Placeholder Text In Textbox: Default text in the search textbox (NOTEonly apply to [advance-search] shortcode). Leave empty if you don’t want to use default text
  • Show Category List: Display the category combobox in the filter panel so that visitors can filter the search result by categories
  • Only Search Videos: Check this option if you want to search on Video only.
  • Show Tag Filter: Display list of available tags in the filter panel so that visitors can filter the search result by tags
  • Highlight Results: Highlight search result by wrapping similar words in the search results by a tag. NOTE: NO longer support!
  • Ajax Search Suggestion: Enable ajax search while users are typing
  • Maximum Ajax Results: Maximum number of results returned by an ajax search
  • Load Default CSS: Load pre-defined CSS file for the search filter panel.


  • Suggestion list: Advance search form will auto include these following strings into suggestion list:
    • Post title
    • Taxonomy title (page, category, tag)
    • Custom Post title
    • Custom taxonomy title
  • Custom Words: If you want to add additional list of words, please enter in textarea below. One word a line. NOTE: NO longer support!
  • Custom CSS: If you have custom CSS to apply for search form, enter it here