NOTE: These options will appear when BuddyPress is installed:

  • Main Sidebar: This Sidebar appears in all BuddyPress pages
    • Both Sidebar
    • Right
    • Left
    • Hidden
  • Layout: This Layout setting applies for all BuddyPress pages
    • Full-width
    • Inbox
    • Wide
  • Videos Tab Position In Member Profile: Enter priority number for the Videos nav item. The lower the number is, the closer the nav item to the first is.


  • Activity Items: Choose which actions to be included in the Activity. Once an user does the action, an activity log is recorded.
    • Upload Video
    • Edit Video
    • Create Channel
    • Edit Channel
    • Create Playlist
    • Edit Playlist


  • Show Notification Bubble: Turn On/ OFF the feature to show Notification Bubble on Top Header

For more details, please refer to this document.