Subscribed Authors Page Template

VideoPro provides a Subscribed Author Page Template to list all authors that an user has subscribed. The settings for this page can be found at Video Extension > Subscription

NOTE: This page can only be accessed by logged-in users. By default, the list of Subscribed Authors will be ordered DESC by latest updated time. That means when a new video is uploaded by an author, that author will be displayed first.

  • Step 1: To create a Subscribed Author page, go to Pages > Add New Page and choose Subscribed Author Page template. Name this page as you want.


  • Step 2: since this is a personal page, you can add this page to User Menu so only logged-in users can visit this link.


  • Step 3: When users haven’t subscribed to any authors, below message will appear. This Browse Author button will automatically link to the page having All Authors page template . If this page does not exist, an empty link (Which is “#”) is used.

TIP: you can use this filter to change the link when you don’t want to setup All Authors page

$btn = '<a href="#" class="btn btn-default">' . esc_html__('Browse Authors','videopro') . '</a>';
$btn = apply_filters('videopro-subscribed-authors-browse_authors-button', $btn);


  • Here is how this page looks