Front-end Submission – Gravity Form


VideoPro theme offers a powerful Front-end Post Submission function allowing front-end users contribute their videos/posts to your site. This feature is built to work with both Contact Form 7 (Free), Gravity Form (Paid) and QuForm (Paid + Addon) plugins.

If you choose Gravity Form, please follow these steps to set up the Front-end Submission function:

  • Step 1: Make sure that you have installed Gravity Form plugin on your website.
  • Step 2.1: From Dashboard, navigate to Forms > New Form then enter the Form title and description


  • Step 2.2: In the Form Editor, drag & drop the Fields to build the Submit Form with form fields having the formats and settings as below:gravityform-buildform-field-settings

NOTE 1: It requires information of at least 1 of 3 fields (*): Video URL, Video File (Upload) or Video Embed Code so the Submit Video form can operate.

  • Video URL: is Standard Fields > Single Line Text field having Admin Field Label is video-url (*)
  • Video File: is Advanced Fields > File Upload field having Admin Field Label is video-file (*)
  • Video Embed Code: is Standard Fields > Paragraph Text field having Admin Field Label is video-code (*)

NOTE 2: The fields below are optional to provide more information for the video post:

  • Your Email: is Advanced Fields > Email field having Admin Field Label is your-email
  • Post Title: is Standard Fields > Single Line Text field having Admin Field Label is post-title
  • Post Description: is Standard Fields > Paragraph Text field having Admin Field Label is post-description
  • Video Thumbnail: is Advanced Fields > File Upload field having Admin Field Label is video-thumbnail
  • Tags: is VideoPro Post Submission > Tags field having Admin Field Label is tag
  • Categories: is VideoPro Post Submission > Categories field having Admin Field Label is cat
  • Channels: is VideoPro Post Submission > Channels field having Admin Field Label is channel
  • Playlists: is VideoPro Post Submission > Playlists field having Admin Field Label is playlist
  • Captcha: is Advanced Fields > Captcha field

In Back-end, the form will look like:gravityform-buildform-admin

In Front-end, the form will look like:

  • Step 3: Go to Appearance > Widgets > Drag & drop a Form widget into User Submit Video Sidebar, then in Select a Form option choose the Submit Form you created above.widget-submitform
  • Step 4: Go to Video Extensions > Front-end Post Submission > Change Enable to Enable.


  • In addition, there are many other options you can configure for the Front-end Post Submission function. For example:
    • Default Post Format for submitted post is Video or Standard postSubmitVideo4
    • Default Status for submitted post is Pending or PublishSubmitVideo
  • Step 5: If you want to send an email (to users) to notify about the acceptance of submitted video, please enable option Notification on Video Extensions > Front-end Post Submission > Notification: Enable.SubmitVideo3
  • When the submitted video is approved, user will receive an email notification with a link to the video:


  • Step 6: DONE! All submitted Posts will go directly to Post > All Posts with status is Publish/Pending due to the settings in Step 4 (Video Extensions > Front-end Post Submission)

NOTE 3: You can select Enable Multi-File Upload to allow users can drag & drop file in the File Upload field gravityform-enable-multi-file-upload-dragdrop-fileNOTE 4: To change the content of this email, please check Change the notification message of Post Submission