Column Style Menu

Column Style is a multi-column style menu to display menu items (such as posts, page, categories) and widgets like below figure.


  • Column style must have Level 0, Level 1 ( aslo heading of Column) and Level 2 menu items.

column-style 1

Please follow these steps to create Column Style Menu:

  • Click on a Level 0 menu item and select Column Style in Menu Style (Menu Style is only displayed for Menu Level 0)


  • You can configure Display Logic option to control the appearance of this menu item. Please note that Display Logic only works for Primary Menu
    • Always visible – Always display menu for Guests and Admin Users. It is visible
    • Only Visible to Guests – Menu is only displayed for Guests when they visit your website, but not display for Admin Users
    • Only Visible to Members – Menu is only displayed for User Members, but not display for Guests
  • Click Save