Video Player for Video Files

VideoPro supports 4 Video Players to give you some choices to play video files (Direct Link or Self-hosted) in Video Extensions > Video Post > Video Player for Video File options.

Below, you can find out screenshots of 4 Players as well as the usages and notes for each one. In addition, each Video Player allows different video file formats so before deciding what player to use you should have a look at Video Format Support document.

NOTE for JWPlayer: The FREE version of this player does NOT support video from GDrive, Auto Play, Auto Next and Video Ads (while The PREMIUM version has Auto Playe function)

JW Player
  • 2.Video JS HTML5 Player:

It requires the Videojs HTML5 Player plugin to works

Video JS HTML5 Player


  • 3. FV Flow Player:

In order to use this player, your site must have the FV Flowplayer Video Player plugin first.

NOTE for FV Flow player:

This player has its own Ads settings

On Mobile, FV FlowPlayer ONLY supports mp4 & webm video files.

FV Flow Player
  • 4. WordPress Native Player:

This is the default player of WordPress so you don’t need to install any external plugin to function it. Please check this guide for more details of all Video Formats which this player accepts.

NOTE for Native WP player:

WordPress Native Player ONLY supports self-hosted video, thus the Native Browser player will be used when your video file is Direct linkeven you select the WordPress Native player before.

Native WordPress Player

NOTE for ALL players: 

  • If you have NOT installed any player plugins yet, then the WordPress Native player will be used.
  • If your self-hosted video has AD then it requires Video Player is WordPress Native player
  • On Mobile views, if your Video Post has AD then the Native Browser player will be used.
Native Browser Player
Native Browser Player