How to make the logo bigger

If you are confused that why no matter how big you upload, the logo image still does not looks bigger. Here is the reason. This is due to we have controlled the size of the logo by this CSS code:

.cactus-logo .cactus-img-logo {



  • So to make the logo (Desktop view) bigger, just add the CSS code above with larger value for max-height to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS.
max-height: 40px
max-height: 60px
  • You also can do the same to make the logo on Sticky menu bigger. Use this CSS code instead:

.sticky-menu .cactus-logo .cactus-img-logo {



  • Similar, on mobile view, the Custom CSS to change the logo size is as below

@media (max-width: 767px) {
.cactus-logo .cactus-img-logo { max-height: 35px; }