VideoPro Release log

  • VideoPro 2.1.1 – 2017/07/04
    includes Cactus-Video 2.1.1; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.3.1;

    • #Update: option to order by Most Viewed for Actors, Playlists and Channels using SCB shortcode
    • #Update: option to turn on/off auto-paragraph feature in new Text Widget WP 4.8, support using shortcodes inside the widget
    • #Update: add notifications to subscribers when posts are added from back-end
    • #Fix: duplicated right side-ad in video post that has Video Header set to Thumbnail Image
    • #Fix: order posts by Like in channel
    • #Fix: option to use JWPlayer 7 settings
    • #Fix: minor bugs
  • VideoPro 2.1 – 2017/05/29
    includes Cactus-Video 2.1; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.3; Cactus-Actor 1.1

    • #Add: SCB shortcode to support Channels, Playlists and Actors post types
    • #Add: Posts Slider shortcode to support Channels, Playlists and Actors post types
    • #Add: Video Embed Code sharing feature
    • #Add: option to change Movie Series list into select box
    • #Add: add Preloading feature
    • #Add: add new Actors when creating new video
    • #Update: toggle JW Player settings on post-basis
    • #Update: support YouTube link with Start param
    • #Update: compatible with Advanced Custom Fields plugin
    • #Update: support playing video on Facebook if using embed code
    • #Update: compatible with Give (donation) plugin
    • #Update: compatible with WPDiscuz plugin
    • #Update: add User Avatar to login menu
    • #Update: check plugin versions to ensure theme-compatibility
    • #Fix: Error with BuddyPress if Notifications component is turned off
    • #Fix: conflict with latest version of JW Player and light-box feature
    • #Fix: cannot go to Edit Video page if a video has an Ad
    • #Fix: SCB shortcode cannot list videos after Bulk Edit Video in admin
    • #Fix: default language of Google+ button
    • #Fix: order by Input ID doesn’t work in shortcodes
    • #Fix: multi-links feature issues with Thumbnail Image header
    • #Fix: duplicated posts in category page if choosing order by title
    • #Fix: setting for ordering items in More Videos doesn’t work correctly
  • VideoPro 2.0.9 – 2017/05/03
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.9; VideoPro-Shortcodes;

    • #Add: option to use all features of JW Player 7 for WP plugin premium, including HD Toggle or Video Playlist, Video Sub Title
    • #Add: option to change Player Icon animation effect of Image Header mode
    • #Update: show “no-data” message in Video Post submission form if there isn’t any categories, channels or playlists
    • #Fix: Warning messages and deprecated functions
    • #Fix: Edit Video button link does not appear when using Image Header mode
    • #Fix: Option to limit number of channels allowed to create does not work
    • #Fix: Multi-link feature when using Image Header mode and https issue
    • #Fix: Player Light on/off feature issue when using Image Header mode
  • VideoPro 2.0.8 – 2017/04/12
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro-Shortcodes; Cactus-Actor; Visual Composer 5.1.1

    • #Update: Support WooCommerce 3.0.1
    • #Update: Option to upload small category thumbnail image
    • #Fix: Warning messages and deprecated functions
    • #Fix: Incorrect datetime in Posts Slider layout 7
    • #Fix: Cannot edit video (from front-end) if permalink structure is not %postname%
    • #Fix: unable to click Save in the first time when adding shortcode (in VC Editor)
    • #Fix: Number of subscribers is always 0 in Channels Listing Compact Mode
  • VideoPro 2.0.7 – 2017/03/23
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.7; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.2.1; Visual Composer 5.1

    • #Add: Option to turn off Channel Subscription
    • #Add: Posts Slider can display Actors
    • #Add: Option to only show Channels and Playlists of current uploader in Submission Form
    • #Update: Improve UX on mobile – Touch to scroll will not trigger openning single post anymore
    • #Update: compatible with Everlight Photo Gallery plugin
    • #Update: Visual Composer 5.1
    • #Fix: JW Player doesnot work when using Image Header option for video post
    • #Fix: BuddyPress Notification Bubble shows info for all visitors in profile page
    • #Fix: Video Edit page layout breaks at screen width 1281-1366
  • VideoPro 2.0.6 – 2017/03/06
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.6; VideoPro-Shortcodes; Cactus-Ads; VideoPro-Child-Theme-Poster 1.0.1

    • #Fix: Statistics of HTML ads does not work
    • #Fix: Margin Top of main body in Category page is too big when it does not have thumbnail
    • #Fix: Mega Menu works with Tag menu item
    • #Fix: Child Theme Poster Size – size of post thumbnails in Related Posts section
    • #Update: Quick & Bulk Edit Post Channels and Playlists
  • VideoPro – 2017/02/06
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Ads

    • #Fix: Cover image in BuddyPress profile page does not show
    • #Fix: cannot open full-screen Facebook Video
    • #Fix: warning errors in Membership sign up page
    • #Fix: Video Ads doesn’t show up when Video Header option is Thumbnail Image
    • #Fix: HTML iframe Ads doesn’t show up (should not use a Video Iframe in Video Ads)
    • #Fix: option to show Post Likes button to be separated from Social Sharing option
    • #Fix: cannot change Video Player Background Color
    • #Add: option to show BuddyPress notification bubble on header (in Theme Options > BuddyPress)
  • VideoPro – 2017/02/06
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro-Shortcodes;

    • #Fix: unable to open Lightbox Player on mobile
    • #Fix: sidebar setting for Shop page
    • #Fix: using incorrect self-hosted video player for Posts Slider with inline player
    • #Fix: Channels and Playlists does not list all in video Submit Form
    • #Fix: css issues
    • #Update: language file
  • VideoPro – 2017/01/25
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro-Shortcodes;

    • #Fix: Layout Switch Tool in category page doesn’t work properly
    • #Fix: draft posts appear in Category page
    • #Fix: JW Player 7 issues with Posts Slider shortcode using inline and lightbox player mode
    • #Update: support Autoplay feature of JW Player 7 Premium version
    • #Update: add Gallery and Audio icon for appropriate post formats
  • VideoPro – 2016/12/29
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor

    • #Update: only admin can mark an user “verified”
    • #Update: support Video Resolution toggle for JW Player 7
    • #Fix: missing “Search Results for…” in breadcrumbs
    • #Fix: translate text in admin of Cactus Actor plugin
    • #Fix: Ajax loading issue in single Playlist
  • VideoPro – 2016/12/24
    includes Cactus-Video; Advance-Search-Form; VideoPro-SampleData 1.3

    • #Fix: issues with Force Using JWPlayer for YouTube videos
    • #Fix: incorrect Video Duration when using YouTube WP Plugin to import videos
    • #Fix: require choosing Categories in Contact Form 7 – Submission form
    • #Fix: incorrect next/prev videos when time format is not standard
    • #Update: sample data for V2
    • #Update: lazy load background image
    • #Update: sanitize search input value to security
    • #Update: show Like/Dislike buttons for standard posts
  • VideoPro – 2016/12/15
    includes Cactus-Video;

    • #Fix: link to comments section
    • #Fix: conflict with Captcha field in Post Submission form
    • #Fix: bulk edit – adding videos to series
    • #Fix: ajax pagination in Channels Listing page – WP 4.7 issue
    • #Update: support Contact Form 4.6
    • #Add: option to set height for popup form
    • #Add: option to close popup form when clicking outside content
  • VideoPro 2.0.5 – 2016/12/09
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.5; Cactus-Actor

    • #Fix: Carousel Slider in RTL on IE browser
    • #Fix: auto-next feature for YouTube videos
    • #Fix: various issues
    • #Fix: cannot close Floating Video if Video Header is Thumbnail
    • #Fix: RTL issues
    • #Update: correct comments link when Disqus is used
    • #Update: show views, likes, comments count in Popular Posts Widget based on condition
    • #Update: WordPress 4.7 support
    • #Add: Channel Thumbnail option, to upload Channel Thumbnail
    • #Add: option to print out video meta tags, support Google Search Results
    • #Add: option to mark Channel, Actor and Author “verified”
  • VideoPro 2.0.4 – 2016/12/06
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.4;

    • #Fix: adding videos to series using Quick Edit doesn’t work
    • #Fix: Twitter meta tags
    • #Fix: drag and drop file in Front-end Post Submission, using GravityForms
    • #Fix: do not refresh after uploading videos
    • #Update: support Category, Playlist, Channel dropdown in GravityForms
    • #Update: order of videos in Actor and Playlist page changes to DESC
    • #Update: support deLucks SEO plugin
    • #Update: languge file
  • VideoPro 2.0.3 – 2016/11/30
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.3; VideoPro-Shortcodes; Visual Composer 5.0.1

    • #Fix: option to hide view count doesn’t work in standard posts
    • #Fix: param Column of Authors Listing shortcode doesn’t work
    • #Fix: Ajax pagination doesn’ work in Channel and Author pages
    • #Fix: “Agreement” checkbox in Creating Channel form doesn’t require
    • #Update: Option to turn on/off Public Profile menu item
    • #Update: Option to add Register menu item
    • #Update: language files
  • VideoPro 2.0.2 – 2016/11/21
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.2; VideoPro-Shortcodes; Cactus-Ads; Advance Search Form

    • #Fix: incorrect Back link when going to Edit Video page from Public Profile
    • #Fix: Tag suggestion of Advance Search Form
    • #Fix: option to hide comments count in Single Video page
    • #Fix: when creating first playlist in channel, it does not appear
    • #Fix: missing Edit Playlist button
    • #Fix: https issue with Google Reponsive Ad shortcode
    • #Update: add Delete link in Edit Popup of Channel and Playlist for quick action
    • #Update: improve RTL and language files
    • #Update: able to select Ads from dropdown
    • #Update: option to change Categories, Channels, Playlists checkbox and radio group into Dropdown
    • #Update: add option to Force Using JWPlayer for YouTube videos
    • #Update: add filter to change number of videos in single actor page (
    • #Update: support hierarchical layout in Categories widget
    • #Update: add option to set default status for User-Generated Content in Video Extensions > Membership Settings
  • VideoPro 2.0.1 – 2016/11/11
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.1; VideoPro-Shortcodes

    • #Fix: checking incorrect post format in SCB shortcodes
    • #Fix: set default value for Delay Before Auto-Next
    • #Update: option to disable Video Ads for a specific Membership
    • #Update: support entering Video Duration for self-hosted videos
    • #Update: Visual Composer 5.0
    • #Update: language files of plugins
  • VideoPro 2.0 – 2016/11/07
    includes Cactus-Videos 2.0; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.2; Cactus-Actors 1.1;

    • #Fix: issues with Video Duration
    • #Fix: Watched Later template
    • #Fix: various bugs
    • #Update: adding Twitter Metadata
    • #Update: adding Customg Social Accounts for Actor
    • #Update: support Short YouTube URL (
    • #Update: adding Random condition for SCB shortcode
    • #Add: Membership features
    • #Add: support WPMU Membership 2 plugin
    • #Add: support BuddyPress
  • VideoPro – 2016/10/27
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actors; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.1.1

    • #Fix: lost of Hamburger Menu icon on Sticky Menu when Search Box is hidden
    • #Fix: pagination of single Channel, Playlist and Actor pages
    • #Fix: saving password fail in themed profile of Theme My Login
    • #Update: support Nelio External Featured Image plugin
  • VideoPro – 2016/10/25
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actors 1.0.4; Advance Search Form

    • #Fix: Search Results sidebar setting does not change as in Theme Options
    • #Fix: various CSS bugs
    • #Update: language files of theme and plugins
    • #Update: Font Awesome 4.7
    • #Update: Add Website and IMDB data to Actor
    • #Update: filters to translate characters of Actors Listing page
  • VideoPro – 2016/10/25
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actors 1.0.4; Advance Search Form

    • #Fix: Search Results sidebar setting does not change as in Theme Options
    • #Fix: various CSS bugs
    • #Update: language files of theme and plugins
    • #Update: Font Awesome 4.7
    • #Update: Add Website and IMDB data to Actor
    • #Update: filters to translate characters of Actors Listing page
  • VideoPro 1.3.1 – 2016/10/15
    include Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor; Cactus-Ads 2.5.4; Advance Search Form

    • #Fix: update RTL issues
    • #Fix: update language file
    • #Fix: minor css issues
    • #Fix: Video Ads to repeat ad and support self-hosted video
    • #Update: support GravityForms for Posts Submission feature
    • #Add: Light on/off feature
  • VideoPro 1.3 – 2016/10/03
    include Cactus-Video 1.5.4; Cactus-Actor 1.0.3; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.1; VideoPro-SampleData 1.2; Cactus-Ads 2.5.3

    • #Fix: layout settings in Channel Listing and Author Listing page templates
    • #Fix: auto-play self-hosted video in playlist
    • #Update: options to control order of videos in Video Series (Video Extensions > Video Series)
    • #Update: support Auto Next for self-hosted videos
    • #Update: improve RTL
    • #Update: able to choose Video File from media library
    • #Update: use of WP Color Picker instead of JSColor. Fix VC Design Options saving issue
    • #Update: sample data to create demo home pages
    • #Update: Smart Content Box shortcode to add Time Range condition
    • #Update: language file
    • #Update: include recommended plugins in the theme, so they can be installed at once
    • #Add: Dark schema option for body content (Theme Options > Theme Layout)
    • #Add: a Go To Top button (Theme Options > General)
  • VideoPro – 2016/09/23
    include Cactus-Video; Cactus-Shortcode 1.0.5

    • #Fix: layout bugs in RTL mode
    • #Fix: auto-play setting of video in playlist doesn’t work
    • #Fix: sidebar setting in Author page layout
    • #Fix: localize date format of Recommended Series widget
    • #Update: option to show/hide View Count in Smart Content Box shortcode
  • VideoPro 1.2.3 – 2016/09/15
    include Cactus-Video 1.5.3; Cactus-Ads 2.5.2

    • #Fix: cannot fetch video data on some servers (allow_url_fopen = 0)
    • #Fix: Video Ads does not work with Vimeo videos
    • #Fix: incorrect Video Duration display
    • #Update: support GDrive Video URL (in Video File property)
    • #Update: add option to get more videos by Same Channel
    • #Update: add option to auto-fetch data for User Submitted Posts
    • #Update: increase width for column Title in admin Posts Listing
  • VideoPro 1.2.2 – 2016/09/09
    include Cactus-Video 1.5.2

    • #Fix: “Channels contain this video” and “Playlists contain this video” boxes list all items when post does not belong to any channels/playlists
    • #Fix: Prev/Next buttons and More Video items are not synchronized
    • #Update: option to play video directly on Facebook when sharing
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.12.1
  • VideoPro 1.2.1 – 2016/09/05
    include Cactus-Video 1.5.1; Cactus-Shortcodes 1.0.4; VideoPro-SampleData 1.1

    • #Fix: SCB shortcode does not filter by tag
    • #Fix: multi-links appear twice in Playlist Mode
    • #Fix: Hide Author setting does not work in Video Post
    • #Fix: SCB shortcode does not hide Excerpt in second pages
    • #Fix: Order By custom data (views, likes, comments, rating) does not work if posts do not have init value
    • #Update: compress default theme images to save KBs
    • #Update: option to show/hide channel metadata in Top Channels widget
    • #Update: minor optimization
    • #Add: Child Theme with Light Footer Schema
    • #Add: option to only allow Spam Report when logged in
  • VideoPro – 2016/09/03
    include Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actors 1.0.2

    • #Fix: pagination in Channel’s Videos Listing and Playlists Listing doesn’t work
    • #Update: support use of link format
    • #Update: filter to change Footer schema (from .dark-div to others)
    • #Update: update Top Authors and Channel Listing to show metadata
    • #Update: optimize code
    • #Update: optimize Smart Content Box layout 1 to improve image loading
    • #Add: Side Ads for full-width Video Player
    • #Add: Authors Listing page template and shortcode
  • VideoPro – 2016/08/29
    include Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Video; Advance-Search-Form

    • #Fix: incorrect number of videos in Channel Listing shortcode
    • #Fix: page template Watch Later does not work correct when list is empty
    • #Fix: some warning messages in Advance Search Form widget
    • #Fix: some minor changes in language text
    • #Fix: Thumbnail Image header doesn’t work in Inbox layout
    • #Update: move Vimeo CDN Script in Cactus Ads to shortcode inline, so it only loads when needed
  • VideoPro – 2016/08/27
    include Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Converter 1.0.1

    • #Fix: Theme Options > Custom CSS does not work
    • #Update: allow to play Video Ads on mobile
    • #Update: improve Cactus Convert messages
  • VideoPro 1.2 – 2016/08/25
    include Advance-Search-Form 1.4.9; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.0.2; Cactus-Video 1.5

    • #Fix: Posts Slider style 1 does not autoplay
    • #Fix: incorrect thumbnail sizes in some shortcodes
    • #Fix: to search published posts only in Ajax Search
    • #Update: improve Ajax Search style
    • #Update: able to submit posts to channel or playlist
    • #Update: new Single Video header – option to show Featured Image instead of player
    • #Update: Copyright Text to support HTML
    • #Add: Watch Later feature
    • #Add: External Link feature – for affiliaters!
  • VideoPro – 2016/08/20
    includes Cactus-Ads, Cactus-Video

    • #Update: option to change the word “video” in category page
    • #Fix: Video Ads bug which the ad does not work
  • VideoPro 1.1 – 2016/08/19
    • #Update: support WooCommerce
    • #Fix: small CSS issues
  • VideoPro 1.0.1 – 2016/08/18
    • #Fix: Slider layout issues on FireFox
    • #Fix: small CSS issues
  • VideoPro 1.0.0 – First Release – 2016/08/16