Video Extensions – 2. Video Post

Appearance Settings

1Player Background – Select default background for video player

  • Video Header – Choose to display Thumbnail Image or Video Player when users visit single post. You can override this setting in each post
    • Thumbnail Image
    • Video Player
  • Animated Icon – Toggle Animated Version of Icon Play
    • Just static icon
    • Animated icon
Animated Icon

AutoFetch Data


  • Auto Fetch Data – This is an admin feature when adding new video post. Select which data to auto-fetch from video network (support YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion) when entering video URL
    • Fetch Video Title
    • Fetch Video Description
    • Fetch Video Tags (only work with Vimeo and Dailymotion)
    • Fetch Video Duration, Views, Likes, Comments count
  • Google API Key – Fill your Google API key to fetch data from Youtube. Check this guide:
  • Use Video Data from Network – On/Off – Add Video Data (views, likes, dislikes) from network (only support YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) to site’s data
  • Use Video Comment Count from Network : – On/Off – Add Video Comment Count from network (only support YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) to site’s data

Video PlayerVideoExtension-VideoPost-3

  • Player for Video File – Choose default Video Player for self-hosted videos (or direct links). Embedded videos from other sources, such as YouTube or Vimeo, use their own player
    • WordPress Native Player: Media Element
    • VideoJS HTML5 Player
    • FlowPlayer
    • JWPlayer 7
  • Auto Play Video – On /Off – Auto play video when visiting video post. NOTE: Ad from Youtube does NOT display if the Autoplay option is turned on
  • Replay Video  – Choose replay (or auto-next videos) action
    • All Videos and Stop
    • All Videos and First
    • Current Video
    • Off
  • Delay before auto-next  – Number of seconds to wait before auto-next videos NOTE: only available when Replay Video is other than Off
  • Next Videos by Choose how to navigate videos
    • Same categories
    • Same tags
    • Same Playlist
  • Next Videos only – On/Off – Choose to navigate through video posts only, or other posts
  • Next Videos order  – Choose how to load next videosNewer Videos
    • Older Videos
  • Auto Next button for Visitors  – Enable/Disable – Show “Auto Next” button for visitors when viewing videos
  • Video Player Light On/Off – Enable/Disable – Enable the Light On/Off button for Video Player

Spam ReportVideoExtension-VideoPost-4

  • Spam Flag  – On/Off – Enable Spam Flag to allow users to report broken videos
  • Spam Flag – Contact Form 7 ID – ID of a Contact Form 7 to receive video report. Requires Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Spam Flag – Gravity Form ID – ID of a Gravity Form to receive video report. Requires Gravity Form plugin

Other Settings

  • Video Toolbar – “WTI Like” button  – On/Off – Enable “WTI Like” button in the video toolbar. Require “WTI Like Post” plugin installed
  • Video Toolbar – “Sharing” button – On/Off – Enable “Sharing” button in the video toolbar. Social Networks are configurable in Theme Options
  • Video Toolbar – “Facebook Like” button – On/Off – Enable “Facebook Like” button in the video toolbar
  • Video Toolbar – “Watch Later” button – On/Off – Enable “Watch Later” button in the video toolbar and other places
  • Video Toolbar – “Google+” button  – On/Off – Enable “Google+” button in the video toolbar
  • Video Toolbar – “More Videos” button – On/Off – Show “More Videos” option
  • “More Videos” by   – Select condition for “More Videos” NOTE: available when Show “More Videos” option is on
    • Same Playlist
    • Same Tags
    • Same Categories
    • Same Series
    • Same Custom Taxonomy
  • “More Video” – custom taxonomy – Enter name of Custom Taxonomy to query more videos. Videos having same taxonomies will be queries NOTEavailable when above option is Custom Taxonomy
  • Hide About Author – On/Off – Hide “About Author” box for video posts
  • Video Screenshots – Enable “Video Screenshot” feature
    • Disabled
    • Simple Listsho
    • Lightbox Gallery
  • Video Floating  – Enable/Disable – Video Player will be floating when users scroll down
  • Video Floating – Position – Choose position of the sticky Video Player
    • Top-Right
    • Bottom-Right
  • Show More Content  – On/Off  – Show/Hide “More Content” button. This button is used to shrink long content in postsVideoPro-ShowMore button-VideoPost
  • Share video on facebook: Action when a shared Video Post is clicked on Facebook
    • Link back to Video Post
    • Play video on Facebook
  • Use Video Secure URL: Add <og:video:secure_url> metadata to header
    • Video URL is secured (http)
    • Video URL is not secured (http)
  • Video On-Page Marked Up HTML – Yes/No – Print out marked-up HTML for VideoObject. This helps Google to display video information in the results page
  • Share embeded code for Video – Yes/No – Generate Video Embed Code for sharing