Report Video form- QuForm

This form is used to report videos having inappropriate content. Below is the instruction to build this form by using Quform:

  • Step 1: From Dashboard, navigate to Forms > Add New then enter the Form title. Build the form which includes the fields like this: quform-report-back-end
  • Step 2: Configure the field as below
    • Your Email: is EMAIL Fields > Admin label is your-email quform-report-email
    • Your Message: is TEXTAREA Fields > Admin label is your-message quform-report-message
    • Report Url: is HTML Fields > content inside text editor is: [quform_report_url] quform-report-url
  • Step 3: Assign form to Report Video button. Get the form ID, for example in this form: Shortcode is [quform id="2" name="Report Video Form"], form ID is 2
    • Go to Video Extensions > Video Extensions > Video Post, change Spam Flag to Enable
    • Paste the form ID into Spam Flag – Quform ID (NOTE: Enter the ID exactly to field for Quform, and leave other fields empty) quform-assign-report-video
    • When user click on the Report Video button on the Video Toolbar, it will appear a form like this quform-report-front-end

To see the list of reported videos, go to Dashboard > Report