How to sell individual video

Besides the monthly membership plans, Videopro supports set an individual video for sale. This feature is configured based on Mycred plugin.

Basically, thanks to Mycred plugin, we can built a Points system. User can use the Points to pay to view the paid content. To have the Points, user can buy with the real money. The payments are supported which are listed here. 

In summary, below are the main steps to set a video for sale.

1. Install and activate Mycred plugin

2. Go to Points > Add-ons > Activate buyCRED and Sell Content add-ons.

3. Navigate to Points > Settings > buyCRED > enable sale.










4. Go to Points > Settings > Sell Content, select what post/page want to sell. In this tutorial, we want to sell individual video, so choose Blog Posts I manually select. There will be an option to manually set up in each post editor.

For other settings there:

Point Setup

  • Default Status: If you opt as Enabled, the post will be set for sale by default, with the default price.
  • Button Label: Use %price% tag to show the defined price of video.

Purchase Template


Insufficient Funds Template

You can use mycred_buy_form shortcode to show the form to proceed buying Points

Visitor Template

You can paste your login/register link to user can login/register quickly.

5. After configure the basic settings, you would see a section like this in each post editor. When the users trying to view the video post which marked for sale. They will be restricted and receive the appropriate notification/advice corresponding to the defined templates from step 4.


6. After you choose a video post for sale, the post content (video description) will be protected automatically. Add this shortcode to Player Logic field to also protect video player [mycred_sell_this][player][/mycred_sell_this]player-logic